Greyhound Hall of Fame
Posted Sunday, July 19, 2009 08:57 PM

As a Member of The Greyhound Hall of Fame, I am constantly asked or critisized that someone has not been inducted into The Hall of Fame.  Here are guidelines that we as a committee are required to go by. 

1.  You have to return the invitation sent to you with a check for the amount to become a Member of the voting members.  With this returned invitation, you can nominate up to 3 people.  You can even nominate yourself, which has been done in the past, and a couple of those have even been elected.

2.  To be Inducted into The Greyhound Hall of Fame, you have to receive 20% of the ballots turned in the night of the banquet.  If there are 70 paid members, then, according to the By-Laws, it takes 14 votes to get elected.

So you see, as the only member of The Class of 66, and one of less than 15 from the Classes of the 60's, we can't nominate everyone or vote everyone who deserves to be elected. 

When you receive your invitation this year (by the end of the week of 7/25), send in your membership fee, nominate some of these athletes and come to the banquet on August 13th and cast your vote.  This years Speaker is Raymond Smith, a former Greyhound Receiver, Purdue Boilermaker Receiver and New Orleans Saint Receiver.  I agree with everyone who says that so and so should be in, but I also believe that there are those ahead of us and those after us that deserve this honor as well.

One thing that is being talked about to change things is for The Committee to send the Nominations List with next years invitation and then separate into 3 categories.  Players, Coaches and Supporters.

Any questions, comments, please send them to me.









Steve Lewis